Samstag, 9. Juli 2016

The last chapters of Shapeshifter

Hello dearies!
As promised, I'm almost done. All but one steamy sex scene stands between me and "Fin", the rest is written. I'm not good with good-byes, so Chapter 13 grew so much that I split it in two, but the main story has been wrapped up. Chapter 14 will capture the last few threads to tie the knots.
Seven years of writing and growing went into this story, and when it's done, I will work through the first five chapters, polish them, rewrite a few things that taste too childish to me, and then I'll stuff it into an e-book and self-publish it for the smallest amount possible.
The first version as you can read it on this site will stay as it is. I want to thank everyone who read, commented and followed it on Literotica and - I wouldn't have come this far without your input and encouragement!

Thank you!


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