Dienstag, 12. Juli 2016

A few words about Self-Publishing

Hello dearies!

I want to share this article with you, because it summarizes my current fears quite nicely.

Why I self-publish my literary fiction

As I mentioned before, I'm thinking about self-publishing Shapeshifter - not because I tried publishers and failed or anything, no. I'm reasonably sure nobody would want to publish that story, because it's too wacky and aggressive, and it's already been published.
I made a promise in 2009 to always have a few stories free to read, and Shapeshifter is one of them. If I want to keep this promise, I simply have to self-publish. I chose to do heavy edits on the older chapters and leave the published story as it is, so buying it actually will make sense. But try to discuss things like that with an agent or a publisher, hah!

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