Mittwoch, 24. August 2016

I'm continuing Unwilling!

... Margo still stood in the entrance, but a few of her fingers twitched, pointing to those inside the roadhouse. It had to be some kind of code, because a few of the men switched positions and one of them even elbowed his way past Darwin, Mary and George to reach the back door.“You are trespassing on my personal property and I’m asking you to leave. You’re not welcome here,” she said in a tone of voice that suggested she herself didn’t believe they would listen.Then the world sped up past the point Darwin could follow. A bark from outside marked Carl’s command to charge, Mary screamed and the back door and front windows shattered as warm bodies barreled through them.A shuddering breath later, a half dozen of guns and rifles awoke to life and screamed death against the invaders....

Yep, I found my mojo. 1.9k and counting! I've got the plot laid out and I'm feeding it with whatever comes to mind. Wish me luck!

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