Dienstag, 9. August 2016

Happy, happy, happy!

Good news, Shapeshifter enthusiasts: This puppy is done, yeah!

I achieved so much in the last two weeks, I'm still spinning, but this has to be my most proud moment yet. I finally finished the epilogue to this story and wrapped a few threads up - additionally, I laid enough foundation to break ground for a second part in Noom's and Kelaste's story, if I ever feel like continuing it.
I also finished my application to university for my lectureship major and entrance exams will be at the end of August, but that kind of pales next to my joy over my writing achievements :D

Unwilling is still in the brain-mill and I'm struggling with the last few chapters, but I won't give up easily. Darwin and Jared will get their happy for now, one way or the other!

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