Donnerstag, 29. Januar 2015

Update for Unwilling!

Hello folks!

I spent a few hours on my blog today, and after having to fight against horrible, horrible HTML code, I decided to clean up "Unwilling" and do a one-chapter-per-site version of it. I also realized I forgot to put chapters 6 to 8 on my own blog... dunno how that happened, I'm confused I guess.
Sorry anyway, I did quite some work since my last post :)
I also know that this blog isn't the best tool for reading because the line spacing sucks, but it was the best I could do. You'll find a much more beautiful (spaced) version of Unwilling here on Gay Authors!

Another (probably) nice piece of news is my re-work of Shapeshifter. I'm going over the story chapter by chapter, which means I'm taking down the old version and posting the new one whenever I'm finished with another chapter. The dub-con parts of it will be 'softer' (not soft!), and I'm trying to tone down the explicit language outside of direct speech. It's a work in progress, but maybe you'll like it better when I'm finished ;)

Aaaand don't expect anything from me for the next two weeks, holidays are finally here!


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