Samstag, 22. Dezember 2012

Unwilling pt. 4 is on its way!

Hey guys and gals!

After all that bla bla in the last two posts it's time for a more positive and interesting blog entry ;)
I just sent "Unwilling pt. 4" to my trustworthy editor, and believe me, it was a fight I nearly lost! I've been writing on that piece ever since I submitted chapter 3, but somehow the kinky parts just wouldn't come out of my brain.
It took Ray Bradbury and his very fascinating "Zen in the Art of Writing" to finally get me going again, but when it flows, it flows. If you're stuck at some point of your own stories, I heartily recommend to get motivation elsewhere, it definitely works!
I'll probably get the edited version back some time in the next week, and if (!) there's not too much marked red in there I'll submit it straight to Lit and of course put it online on my blog.
You'll be the first to know, that much is for sure!

Have a lovely Christmas! Don't forget to lean back, just chill and watch the world turn once in a while - no holiday is perfect if you're too stressed to actually experience it!


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