Donnerstag, 27. Dezember 2012

That's never gonna happen to me!

... yeah, right.
On Christmas Eve I woke up at 9:00 AM, because stuff's not gonna do itself. Just as I was putting on my clothes somebody rang the doorbell, so I answered the door. There was a nice postal office lady there, wanting my signature in exchange for a letter, which in turn contained a fixed penalty notice because I drove on a motor way without my road tax disc (called "Vignette" in German/Austrian) some time in November.
That one cost me 360 Euros - always buy your road tax disc, girls and boys, or Santa will bring you letters instead of presents!
But that's not all, ooooh no!
I walked back inside, letter in hand, head smoking with anger, just to find my much beloved PC dying of overheated CPU. For those of you who don't live arms-deep in hardware, that's something like the heart of a PC, and mine was pronounced dead that beautiful Christmas Eve.
So I had to live three whole days without access to my stories, which is horrible. Was horrible.
Today I fixed everything, and I'm back, and happy. My beloved editor hasn't sent Unwilling Pt. 4 back yet, but I'll try to get it online before 2013 ;)

Hope your Christmas Holidays were better than mine!

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