Freitag, 10. Oktober 2014

metajinx found a new home!

Hello dearies!
After two weeks of testing and trials I decided to settle permanently on - mostly because that community somehow gets me writing in a speed and with a persistence that I didn't know before. In the last two weeks I re-read all of "Unwilling", edited it a bit, wrote a whole new chapter that will be published on the 28th of October, and already started a new one because I can.
I will keep publishing Unwilling and Shapeshifter on Lit until the stories are done, but after that I'll probably stick with GA full-time. Lit has more stories, especially those kinds of stories I really, really like, but I just can't keep my motivation going there. :/
If you are a writer yourself, please have a look at Gay Authors. The site could use a few more fans ;)

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