Sonntag, 21. April 2013


So, as it is with things that suck I also messed up my applications for the Matura. It's a wonder my head is still on my shoulders ;)
That means I've now got time enough to write, although there are still things that mess up my schedule - my Online-RPG for example. No, not playing, developing. I've been working on that game for 3.5 years now, although not alone, and it'll have its grand entrance on the 1st of May. Until then I'm still quite preoccupied, but I've already finished the first half of Unwilling Pt. 5, and nearly as much for Shapeshifter Pt. 4.
Maybe I'll be given a burst of creativity once my game is up and running.
More to come!



  1. Oh I'm glad you're still writing I really love shapeshifter, can't wait to see where you take that:)

  2. Thank you! And of course I won't stop writing, I'm just shamefully slow at it. Sorry for that :) I'm trying to improve!