Donnerstag, 4. Oktober 2012

Never too old to study!

An update for you!
My Physics AP exam went well, considering I only had 3 weeks to learn the contents of 2 years. I'll have another exam on the 10th of October, but my Math AP has been moved to January or February, so I'll be able to get on with my stories until December.
I've also decided to try to get into "Linguistic Arts", a new subject of study in Vienna, for which I'll have to write five pages of brilliant text in German. That'll be my priority until end of November, but I'll definitely keep a finger on "Unwilling" while I'm at it.
I'll also participate in a Storm Moon Press call for submissions called "Serve me" - You can find details about this project here!

So much work to be done, and so little time... well ^^

Best of wishes,

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